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Film Scripts

"The American Son Versus Hitler"
In 1943, a 10 year old boy has fantasies of gaining super powers, and going to Europe to kill Hitler.  Roughly half the script depicts the boy's fantasy, and the other half is his real life on the home front.


"The Deadwood Kid"
In 1923 an ancient cowboy and his loyal Indian sidekick uncover the scandals of President Harding's administration.


"With Sword And Rubber Chicken"
A comedy version of "The Odyssey" filled with ancient, classic gags.
"A Night In Transylvania"
A comedy version of "Dracula."


"Laughing It Up"
To date, this is my only script that has been filmed.  It has finally been released on DVD in the U.S., and is available from  However, I am not entirely happy with the production.  And I never earned a dime from it.  Click on the title for more info..


Full Length
Stage Scripts

"Playhouse Of The Damned"
An anthology of short horror plays.
"Stan Starburst . . . Beyond The Stratosphere!!!"

A parody of cliffhanger serials featuring a hero in outer space!
Shakespeare Parodies
Parodies of "Hamlet,"  "Macbeth,"  and "King Lear"
"Science Fiction Blast-Off Theater"

An anthology of Science Fiction Plays

This will be a series of comedies combining the styles of Commedia dell' Arte and the American film comedies of the first half of the Twentieth Century.  I recently completed all three acts of the first play.
"Theater of Thrills & High Adventure"

Okay, I've done an anthology of horror stories in "Playhouse of the Damned" and an anthology of science fiction stories in "Science Fiction Blast-Off Theatre."  Now I'm going to try a similar anthology - this time of adventure stories.  Wish me luck.
"The Sketchbook of Sherlock Holmes"


The story of the Giant Rat of Sumatra, Ricoletti of the Club Foot and his Abominable Wife - and maybe others if I get around to writing them.


The Hare Lip Project
Everyone in the world did a "Blair Witch Project" parody.  I wrote one, but never filmed it.
Abbott & Costello Meet The Godfather
Francis Ford Coppola once said that if he kept doing "Godfather" films, he'd end up doing  "Abbott & Costello Meet The Godfather."   Here's a scene.

I Know You  
A one act play about as many things as I could squeeze into it.
On Line Horrors
I was thinking about doing a series of short horror stories for the Internet.  I wrote this as a sample, but it was never produced.  Anyone interested in giving it a try?

  A monologue.
  A Bad Day  
  This really happened to me, back when I was in college.  The world can be a horrible place.
  Ophelia's Ghost  
  The older I get, the more I think Prince Hamlet is a jerk.
  David & Bathsheba  
  Biblical Noir.
  The Audition  
  A sketch - and an audition.
  The Call  
  A monologue for a person and a cell phone..
  The Conversation  
  It is what it is.  You figure it out.
  Welcome to the Conference Community  
  Life at work in the 21st Century.
  Real Life  
  A break from the theater.
  Infinity just goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on...
  Seeing Red and Feeling Blue  
  How do I know you see the same colors I do?

  The Princess Who Never Farted  
  A fairy tale for children of all ages with seriously warped minds.

  No Funny Stuff  
  Comedy Kills

  The Secret  
  The horrible secret that would drive any man to drink.

  An old-fashioned solstice celebration.

  The Importance of Being Jack  
  Jack Worthing has a Wilde time in Whitechappel in 1888 - absolutely ripping.


Political Sketches:  Warning - May be offensive to those who aren't Liberal or Left of Liberal  
  I put up a sketch called "The Man Who Got Baghdad Hussein" - which I'd intended to take down after the November '04 election - but I got so many hits on that sketch  (thanks to a mention on ) that I've decided to keep writing political sketches.  Warning:  I've stayed true to my left-wing hippie politics ever since the late 1960's - meaning I still think the Vietnam War was a bad idea - so if such an idea irks  you, you probably shouldn't click on this site.  To those of you who don't approve of my politics, I hope you'll still sample my other work.  



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