"Curtain Speech"

                                                               by Richard Nathan

 The spotlight is up on our host, GUS THE GHOUL.  He steps downstage and addresses the audience.  

                                    What a sad story.  But here at the Playhouse
                                    of the Damned, we believe there's no use 
                                    crying over still blood.  Or as I said to the 
                                    weeping executioner who was about to burn 
                                    the old witch at the stake, "Laugh and the 
                                    world laughs with you; cry and you fry a 
                                    crone!"  I could go on with these jokes all 
                                    night!  But now comes the moment you've 
                                    all been waiting for... the end of our play.  
                                    If you've enjoyed our show, we hope 
                                    you'll tell your psychiatrist right away!  
                                    Maybe you can still be cured!  And please tell 
                                    everyone you know to come see "Playhouse 
                                    of the Damned."  After all, why should you 
                                    be the only one to suffer?  So spread the 
                                    word.  We need all the coverage we can 
                                    get.  I told a friend of mine that "Playhouse 
                                    of the Damned" deserves in depth coverage, 
                                    and he said, "Yes, it deserves to be buried 
                                    six feet deep!"  And now, why don't we 
                                    our cast a hand?

Gus removes a phony hand from his costume and throws it to the floor.  The entire cast runs on stage and fights over it.  When one person gets the hand, they all straighten up and bow.  Gus turns to the audience.

                                    You know, it's very touching to gain the
                                    appreciation of people you respect and
                                    admire.  But I find it even more touching
                                    to win the appreciation of a group of sick,
                                    demented misfits like yourselves.  You're my
                                    kind of people!  Thank you for attending
                                    "The Playhouse of the Damned."




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