If you've enjoyed "Playhouse Of The Damned" you might be interested in these other horror sites:

www.toxicshock.tv - a site for horror news, reviews and interviews

www.darkdel.com - home of Dark Delicacies, a great Southern California book store

www.talesfrommycrypt.com - a nice collection of horror links

www.horrorfind.com - a great page of links, plus contests, auctions and more

www.drippingblood.com - The Page That Dripped Blood  --  the graphics at this horror site are particularly good

www.darklinks.com - more links than you can imagine

www.shockheadedpeter.com - the official web page for my favorite horror play, "Shockheaded Peter."

www.buffy.com -the official web page for my favorite television series