"Dr. Jekyll And His Bride"

                                                               by Richard Nathan


The spotlight is up on our host, GUS THE GHOUL.  Gus introduces this story, which takes place in the lab of Dr. Jekyll.  As Gus introduces the story, the set is prepared.  All that is needed table on which there is a beaker.  The beaker contains a mysterious liquid.

                                    Next we have a story in a very different vein. 
                                    A romantic tale the really pulls at the
                                    heartstrings.  Have I ever told you how
                                    much I like to pull on hearstrings?  Here
                                    is the story of Dr. Jekyll And His Bride."

Gus exits.  A spotlight comes up on a DR. JEKYLL.  He pick up the beaker and eyes it with satisfaction.  He picks it up and brings it to his lips.  As he starts to drink, his wife ELIZABETH enters through a door to the lab.  He drinks about half the contents of the flask.

                                    Henry!  I'm tired of waiting!  You promised me
                                    a surprise for Valentine's Day.  Where is my

Dr. Jekyll puts down the flask and transforms into MR. HYDE.  If you want to use some makeup tricks for the transformation, that's fine - but the effect can also be accomplished by the actor changing his posture and facial expressions.


Hyde GROWLS.  He rushes to the door to make sure Elizabeth does not escape.  She looks at him in shock.  He advances on her.  She backs toward the table.  He SNARLS.  She WHIMPERS.  She bumps into the table.  She sees the flask.  She grabs the flask and drinks the remainder of the contents.  She transforms into MRS. HYDE.

MR. Hyde and Mrs. Hyde growl at each other affectionately.  They kiss and walk out, paw in paw.

The lights go out on the lab and come up on GUS.

                                I told you it was a romantic tale.   Don't you
                                people trust me? 


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