By Richard Nathan



On a typical television news analysis show, two pundits (CASPER MILQUETOAST and ATTILA D. HUN) are discussing the re-election of George Bush.


                                    I'm Casper Milquetoast on the left...


                                    And I'm Attila D. Hun on the right, and we're here
                                    to discuss the triumphant re-election of President
                                    George W. Bush.  Casper, I think even you would
                                    have to agree this election means the death of the
                                    Democratic Party, right?


                                    I don't know.  Wasn't the election sort of close?


                                    Maybe, but look who the Republicans ran!  A man
                                    who is losing the war in Iraq, who has economic
                                    policies are bankrupting the nation, and who is not
                                    quite as articulate as Homer Simpson!  We're
                                    talking about George W. Bush here!  A  squeaker
                                    loss to George Bush is the equivalent of a landslide
                                    loss to a decent candidate


                                    I thought you liked George Bush.


                                    Compared with Democrats, he's tops.  Which is my
                                    whole point.  The only one who could have lost to
                                    Bush is a Democrat.  This proves beyond any reasonable
                                    doubt American hate the policies of the Democrats.  All
                                    that talk about peace, medical care for everyone, taxing
                                    the rich, toleration of homosexuals, belief in evolution, --
                                    Americans hate that stuff!


                                    So what do you suggest the Democrats should have


                                    They should have nominated George Bush for


                                    You mean someone like George Bush, right?


                                    No, I mean George Bush.  Why nominate someone
                                    like the Republican candidate, when you can nominate
                                    the actual Republican candidate?  I'll tell you what the
                                    Democrats had better do.  Next time there's an
                                    election, they should take whoever the Republicans
                                    nominate, and nominate him as the Democratic
                                    candidate too.  That's the only home they have of
                                    coming back to life.


                                    But don't people deserve a choice?


                                    Sure, a choice between George Bush the Republican
                                    and George Bush the Democrat.  Listen, Casper, I'm
                                    trying to help you here.  I'm trying to tell you how to
                                    save your party!


                                    I suppose that makes sense.  But wouldn't that encourage
                                    people like Ralph Nader to go to a third party?


                                    Not if you're tough.  You've got to warn people that
                                    the election is too important for them to throw away
                                    their votes on a third party.  They have to vote for
                                    George Bush or George Bush to make their voices


                                    You've convinced me!  This is Casper Milquetoast for
                                    George Bush the Democrat -


                                    And this is Attila D. Hun for George Bush the Republican -


                                                        CASPER & ATTILA
                                    And this has been Cross-Wired!






2004 by Richard Nathan.  All rights reserved

The author grants all internet uses to print these scripts for their own, personal, non-commercial use.  No other use may be made without the author's permission.  Without limiting the foregoing, the plays may not be staged without the author's express  permission.

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