by Richard Nathan


The spotlight is up on our host, GUS THE GHOUL.  

                                    This next story is truly for the birds.  Aren't
                                    they all?  This one is called “Swans.” 

Gus exits.  The spotlight comes up on an ACTRESS.  She addresses the audience.

                                    You want to know what frightens me?  
                                    Swans!  Swans have terrified me every since 
                                    I was a little girl.  It’s because of my brother.  
He told me that when parents don’t like their 
                                    children, they take them to the park and feed 
                                    them to the swans!  When he first told me this, I 
                                    was four years old, and he was seven. 
                                    figured a seven year old must know what he 
                                    was talking about.  So when my parents told 
                                    me they were taking us to the park to feed 
                                    the swans, I ran to my  room, slammed the door,
                                    and pushed against it as hard as I could so no
                                    one could get in.  My brother came to the door
                                    and told me I’d better go to the park, because
                                    if I did everything my parents said, and wasn't
                                    afraid, they might think I was a good girl, and
                                    they wouldn’t feed me to the swans.  But if
                                    I cried, and was a fraidy cat, I was swan food. 
So we went to the park, and I tried to be brave, 
                                    but those swans were huge.  Monster birds!   I
                                    started crying like a maniac.  My parents demanded
                                    to know what was wrong, and I told them I told
                                    them what my brother had said.  So they turned to
                                    him and said, “Richard, did you tell your sister we
                                    would feed her to the swans?”  And he admitted
                                    he had.  And they said, “Richard, you’ve been a
                                    very bad boy.”  And then they fed him to the swans.

The actress smiles.  Blackout!  The actress exits.  A moment later the spotlight comes up on GUS THE GHOUL.  He shrugs, having nothing to add to this story.


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